Dayson Airwrap Curler

This curler changes the style of the traditional curler and adopts the technology of cyclotron airflow to realize automatic curling. Consumers only need to place a strand of hair next to the curler. The air generated by the curler can automatically absorb the hair onto the curler and rotate it several times before curling.

After the launch of Airwrap, the global social media boomed rapidly, and the screen was swiftly brushed in the circle of Wechat friends. Before it entered the Chinese market, it had already sucked up the appetite of consumers.

In addition to being used as curling bars, Dayson’s Arwrap can also be converted into a hair straightener and a hair dryer at a price of about $550, or about RMB 3800. The price is obviously a lot more expensive than traditional curlers and straighteners, but consumers are so enthusiastic that they believe they will be able to sell.

Why are high-priced curling styler popular on Chinese Wechat?

Curling bars are not Dayson’s first popular product in China. In recent years, from more than 6000 yuan of sweeping robots, 5000 yuan of vacuum cleaners to 4000 yuan of fans, 3000 yuan of hair dryers… Dayson constantly refreshes Chinese consumers’perception of small household appliances with “high prices”. Gui is Dayson’s first impression to Chinese consumers, and it has become its number one label in the domestic small household appliances market.

According to James Dyson, the founder of Dyson, the high price of his products comes from his unique motor technology and industrial design. “Dayson is a technology company.” James Dyson has emphasized his scientific and technological attributes more than once in public, and he regards himself as an “inventor”. At present, Dayson has more than 3500 engineers worldwide. By 2020, Dayson will employ 3,000 engineers worldwide and invest 7 million pounds a week in new R&D projects, Dayson officials told reporters.

China, on the other hand, has become the focus of Dayson’s market. According to Dayson, in 2017, Dayson maintained a strong growth rate of 159% in the Chinese market. At the same time, Dayson is constantly adjusting to the Chinese market: from the introduction of vacuum cleaner accessories specific to clean sofas, melon seed shells on mattresses, to the mounting of Chinese red-plate hair dryers, Chinese New Year’s scandium-gold leaf-free purification fans, to the establishment of Dayson Shanghai Laboratory for Chinese household rings. R&D and testing of new products. According to Dayson, China is expected to surpass the United States as the second largest market in the world by 2020.

China is facing a new consumption update

At present, China is ushering in a wave of consumption upgrading. Traditional survival and material consumption are beginning to give way to new consumption such as development and service consumption. Benefiting from this round of consumer upgrade, personal care small household appliances industry has been injected with fresh blood. China’s small household appliances market has achieved higher growth rate than that of small household appliances market, and its scale and volume are constantly rising. According to China’s State Grid forecast, the size of small household appliances market will increase to 32.6 billion yuan in 2020, and the compound annual growth rate will reach 17% in 2017-2020.

In addition to the continuous innovation of products and modes and the promotion of consumption driven by factories, the “oxygen supply” of the national policy has also promoted the development of small household appliances. For example, “Consumer Goods Standards and Quality Improvement Planning (2016-2020)” issued by the State Council in September 2016 clearly put forward the need to “optimize the appearance and function design of shaver and other personal care small household appliances products” to continue the development of “blood supply” small household appliances industry.

It is reported that the main household appliances are hair dryer, electric shaver, electric toothbrush, straight/curler, haircut, hair ball trimmer, pore cleaner, electronic beauty instrument, electronic massager and other products. As far as the current situation of the industry is concerned, although the small household appliances industry has a vigorous development momentum at this stage, there are still many problems in the industry. For example, consumer guidance needs to be strengthened; the types of small household appliances produced by various companies vary greatly; enterprises in the industry are reluctant to communicate.

Braun Satin Hair IONTEC Straightener

Satin Hair IONTEC hair straightener also has a special humidity balance design. Bright ions wrap each hair strand and quickly restore the moisture lost due to excessive heat during styling.

NanoGlide ceramic plate with flexible collocation has a smooth surface and three times the smoothness of traditional ceramic plate, which can protect scalp health. .

In addition, this hair straightener has developed a more detailed temperature control function according to the scientific suggestion of DWI of German Fiber Research Institute, which can accurately control the heat in five temperature stages (130 C200 C) for different hair quality. When used, the temperature can be set according to personal needs to create its own suitable temperature, while hairdressing without injury.

Concern should be paid to the hidden safety hazards of European standard hair straightener

It is understood that the hair straightener mentioned above can easily bring the danger of electric shock to consumers. Because of its good electrical insulation performance, consumers may contact separated metal parts in use, thus bringing about the danger of electric shock. The product does not meet the requirements of EU Low Voltage Directive, relevant European standard EN60950 and relevant national standard BS1363. At present, importers have adopted voluntary recall measures for the above products.

Because electrical products are closely related to consumers’personal safety, export enterprises should enhance risk awareness, carefully interpret EU directives and EN technical standards, and integrate the requirements of directives and standards into the whole process of product design, production and factory inspection.

For this reason, the inspection and quarantine department suggests that enterprises should guard against quality and safety problems from three aspects: first, keep track of the trends, master the latest standard versions and detailed requirements, constantly improve design and production, eliminate hidden dangers in the source of production line; second, establish a sound quality management system for products with EN coordination standards. Third, the responsibility of manufacturers, importers and distributors should be further clarified, traceability requirements for defective products should be improved, and export enterprises should be clear with customers when signing contracts. Power and responsibility, to avoid loss of rights and interests due to unclear responsibilities.

Hair-dressing tools have gained so much popularity in European and American markets

With the continuous change of social trends, people are paying more and more attention to their appearance and image, especially women, pay more attention to the beauty of hair style. Going to a hairdresser is not only troublesome but also expensive. In order to meet people’s needs, a variety of household hairdressing appliances have emerged.

The company’s infrared steam straightener, using titanium ceramics oil heating plate, three minutes start-up can reach the highest temperature of 235 degrees, a removable sink, 360 degrees rotating tail, 2.5 meters long power cord, and dry and wet dual-use, hair straightening, more convenient and simple to use.

Most importantly, most of the hair straighteners used for a long time will cause dry hair, easy bifurcation, dull and glossy hair, etc., but this infrared steam straightener has infrared function, used to sterilize and protect hair, and steam does not damage hair, and can also play a role in protecting hair.

PRITECH Steam Straightener

In the process of pursuing product innovation, we should not just study blindly, but take the initiative to understand the needs of consumers. Even if the product function is innovative enough, if it has no substantive role, consumers will not pay for it. Through relevant surveys, Pitch PRITECH found that with the continuous development of social economy, more and more women began to pay attention to hair care. As we all know, the damage to hair caused by ordinary straight clips is relatively large, so how to achieve an effective combination of hairdressing and nursing has become a question that many brands will think about, Pitch is no exception. This summer, Pitch PRITECH’s new steam hair straightener came on line, aiming to help consumers solve this pain point.

Generally speaking, most women with a preference for straight hair have products that are more common in the market. They use heating boards on both sides of their hair to straighten it. But after such a long period of repeated use, many people find that their hair is getting drier and drier. Pitch’s new steam hair straightener, to a certain extent, alleviates this problem. After the internal atomizer splits water into nano-water molecules, it sprays water on the hair when it is in use, partially supplementing the texture that gradually loses water.

Not only that, it uses the unique design of double-sided combs, in which platinum-gold coarse-toothed comb is heated, and black anti-ironing fine-toothed comb is distributed around the hot-toothed comb, which is very fashionable and cool. At the same time, this comb design can effectively reduce the number of hair pulled compared with the normal straight clamp.

Straightening and curling hair straightener

Now that the autumn and winter reserve season has arrived, cross-border businesses have begun to select products, so as not to miss the sales peak season in the European and American markets.

There are many festivals in Europe and the United States in the second half of the year. Of course, ladies will not miss the opportunity to show themselves well. All kinds of cosmetics and hairdressing products are in the most popular period.

This cross-border explosive curling and straightening dual-purpose ceramic hair straightener is mainly made of ABS + tourmaline ceramic material, using foreign thermal insulation technology, strong anti-scalding performance, dual-use of dry and wet, and safer to use. At the same time, the two-in-one design makes the dressing table more space-saving, the 3D Styler makes the operation more simple, and three steps can create a perfect hairstyle.

This product has strict factory quality inspection and conforms to ISO-9001:2000 international system certification. It has been sold to many countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and the United States, and is very popular.

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