Dayson Airwrap Curler

This curler changes the style of the traditional curler and adopts the technology of cyclotron airflow to realize automatic curling. Consumers only need to place a strand of hair next to the curler. The air generated by the… Read More

Why are high-priced curling styler popular on Chinese Wechat?

Curling bars are not Dayson’s first popular product in China. In recent years, from more than 6000 yuan of sweeping robots, 5000 yuan of vacuum cleaners to 4000 yuan of fans, 3000 yuan of hair dryers… Dayson constantly… Read More

China is facing a new consumption update

At present, China is ushering in a wave of consumption upgrading. Traditional survival and material consumption are beginning to give way to new consumption such as development and service consumption. Benefiting from this round of consumer upgrade, personal… Read More

Braun Satin Hair IONTEC Straightener

Satin Hair IONTEC hair straightener also has a special humidity balance design. Bright ions wrap each hair strand and quickly restore the moisture lost due to excessive heat during styling. NanoGlide ceramic plate with flexible collocation has a… Read More

Concern should be paid to the hidden safety hazards of European standard hair straightener

It is understood that the hair straightener mentioned above can easily bring the danger of electric shock to consumers. Because of its good electrical insulation performance, consumers may contact separated metal parts in use, thus bringing about the… Read More

Hair-dressing tools have gained so much popularity in European and American markets

With the continuous change of social trends, people are paying more and more attention to their appearance and image, especially women, pay more attention to the beauty of hair style. Going to a hairdresser is not only troublesome… Read More

PRITECH Steam Straightener

In the process of pursuing product innovation, we should not just study blindly, but take the initiative to understand the needs of consumers. Even if the product function is innovative enough, if it has no substantive role, consumers… Read More

Straightening and curling hair straightener

Now that the autumn and winter reserve season has arrived, cross-border businesses have begun to select products, so as not to miss the sales peak season in the European and American markets. There are many festivals in Europe… Read More

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