PRITECH Steam Straightener

In the process of pursuing product innovation, we should not just study blindly, but take the initiative to understand the needs of consumers. Even if the product function is innovative enough, if it has no substantive role, consumers will not pay for it. Through relevant surveys, Pitch PRITECH found that with the continuous development of social economy, more and more women began to pay attention to hair care. As we all know, the damage to hair caused by ordinary straight clips is relatively large, so how to achieve an effective combination of hairdressing and nursing has become a question that many brands will think about, Pitch is no exception. This summer, Pitch PRITECH’s new steam hair straightener came on line, aiming to help consumers solve this pain point.

Generally speaking, most women with a preference for straight hair have products that are more common in the market. They use heating boards on both sides of their hair to straighten it. But after such a long period of repeated use, many people find that their hair is getting drier and drier. Pitch’s new steam hair straightener, to a certain extent, alleviates this problem. After the internal atomizer splits water into nano-water molecules, it sprays water on the hair when it is in use, partially supplementing the texture that gradually loses water.

Not only that, it uses the unique design of double-sided combs, in which platinum-gold coarse-toothed comb is heated, and black anti-ironing fine-toothed comb is distributed around the hot-toothed comb, which is very fashionable and cool. At the same time, this comb design can effectively reduce the number of hair pulled compared with the normal straight clamp.

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