Hair-dressing tools have gained so much popularity in European and American markets

With the continuous change of social trends, people are paying more and more attention to their appearance and image, especially women, pay more attention to the beauty of hair style. Going to a hairdresser is not only troublesome but also expensive. In order to meet people’s needs, a variety of household hairdressing appliances have emerged.

The company’s infrared steam straightener, using titanium ceramics oil heating plate, three minutes start-up can reach the highest temperature of 235 degrees, a removable sink, 360 degrees rotating tail, 2.5 meters long power cord, and dry and wet dual-use, hair straightening, more convenient and simple to use.

Most importantly, most of the hair straighteners used for a long time will cause dry hair, easy bifurcation, dull and glossy hair, etc., but this infrared steam straightener has infrared function, used to sterilize and protect hair, and steam does not damage hair, and can also play a role in protecting hair.

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