Concern should be paid to the hidden safety hazards of European standard hair straightener

It is understood that the hair straightener mentioned above can easily bring the danger of electric shock to consumers. Because of its good electrical insulation performance, consumers may contact separated metal parts in use, thus bringing about the danger of electric shock. The product does not meet the requirements of EU Low Voltage Directive, relevant European standard EN60950 and relevant national standard BS1363. At present, importers have adopted voluntary recall measures for the above products.

Because electrical products are closely related to consumers’personal safety, export enterprises should enhance risk awareness, carefully interpret EU directives and EN technical standards, and integrate the requirements of directives and standards into the whole process of product design, production and factory inspection.

For this reason, the inspection and quarantine department suggests that enterprises should guard against quality and safety problems from three aspects: first, keep track of the trends, master the latest standard versions and detailed requirements, constantly improve design and production, eliminate hidden dangers in the source of production line; second, establish a sound quality management system for products with EN coordination standards. Third, the responsibility of manufacturers, importers and distributors should be further clarified, traceability requirements for defective products should be improved, and export enterprises should be clear with customers when signing contracts. Power and responsibility, to avoid loss of rights and interests due to unclear responsibilities.

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