Dayson Airwrap Curler

This curler changes the style of the traditional curler and adopts the technology of cyclotron airflow to realize automatic curling. Consumers only need to place a strand of hair next to the curler. The air generated by the curler can automatically absorb the hair onto the curler and rotate it several times before curling.

After the launch of Airwrap, the global social media boomed rapidly, and the screen was swiftly brushed in the circle of Wechat friends. Before it entered the Chinese market, it had already sucked up the appetite of consumers.

In addition to being used as curling bars, Dayson’s Arwrap can also be converted into a hair straightener and a hair dryer at a price of about $550, or about RMB 3800. The price is obviously a lot more expensive than traditional curlers and straighteners, but consumers are so enthusiastic that they believe they will be able to sell.

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